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Week 8 Observations

Just when we thought college football could not get better than week 7, week 8


Sure Alabama and Ohio State won easily but who had the Syracuse v. Clemson game

being a really really really good game going into the season? Clemson survived

another top 15 match up. That trip to South Bend in two weeks could be very

interesting depending on which Notre Dame team shows up to play.

Who had LSU upsetting Lane Kiffin and sending Ole Miss back to The Grove crying?

Is Ole Miss done? They still have Alabama in two weeks.

Oregon came out with a nice top ten victory over conference foe UCLA and former

HC Chip Kelly. Oregon proves you can schedule a tough team like Georgia early and

still overcome with a shot at the CFB playoff.

Are we not talking enough about the Big 12? It’s wide open for sure! Oklahoma

State made their case but TCU also knocked off a feisty Kansas State to claim their

spot at the top. TCU has three road games left in their schedule, but will they hang

on? If they do will they deserve a spot in the CFB playoff?

Also with week 8 came another update to the team value rankings. One team we

saw improve over the last two weeks includes Buffalo moving up to 47 from 61 after

topping Toledo. The Bulls sit atop the MAC East and may face Toledo again in the

MAC Championship.

The once beloved Kansas Jayhawks are down from 34 to 48. It’s been a tough two-

week stretch losing to Oklahoma and Baylor. Is this the beginning of a negative

overall trend or just a blip? They have a week off before hosting Oklahoma State.

What’s going on in Miami, FL? The “U” is definitely not back and they are continuing

to trend down to ranked 49 th team. Losing at home to Duke was really tough to

watch and I’m not even a fan. Can they play spoiler down the stretch in trying to

become bowl eligible?

I know we mentioned Oregon earlier but there’s another team in the state playing

some decent football and trending up from 56 to 36 in our rankings called Oregon

State. While they have two losses to USC and Utah they could play spoiler to their in

state rival to end the season. They have some winnable Pac-12 games prior to that

matchup, should be interesting!

That is all for now!

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