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What is


Bandwagon Fantasy Sports® is a simple alternative to traditional and daily fantasy sports. Instead of drafting individual players, users draft teams. We measure team outcomes (wins, losses, and/or ties) and team values can change based on actual play. You can jump on or off a team’s bandwagon during the season via exchanges. The winner of each league is the manager whose unique combination of teams outperformed the rest. Our patent pending method guarantees a dynamic user experience different for everyone. It is all based on your schedule and is designed for busy people – no more coordinating schedules to fit in a draft, no more keeping track of various individual player statistics, no more monitoring injuries and waiver wires.


How many

teams do i draft?

This is up to whomever you designate as league manager when setting up your league in the app. The current default we would recommend is a 5-team league.


How does the

salary cap work?

The salary cap will automatically calculate based on the number of teams you
select for your league. Once you draft within the salary cap and the season begins
the values may fluctuate and then you can exchange teams for equal or lesser values.
Over the course of a season all your teams may increase in value and go above the
cap from the start of the season and that is okay! Your teams may also fall well
below the cap and that is not an ideal situation. Any money not spent in the draft
will be available for use with exchanges.


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How do

exchanges work?

You keep the points earned from teams dropped and begin earning points of
teams added from that point on. You will continue to accumulate points until the
end of the season or when you exchange the team added again for another team.
The league manager sets the number of exchanges available for all league members.
The exchange period will end on the last day of the regular season.


How do

postseason games & tiebreakers work?

All postseason games will be included in the total tally. Having a team
go all the way will add to your overall total.

Currently the system is hard coded for road wins as the tiebreaker. Future
enhancements will allow for other options to be set by your league manager.






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