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Week 6 - Team Values Update

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

What a great week six of college football!!!

The beauty of Bandwagon really starts to shine as we update team values based on

actual statistical play. Our system is designed to measure the pace of play and not a

subjective ranking. Simply put, there are teams far outperforming their expected

win percentages to start the year and it’s up to you as the user to determine who is

real and who is not as the season progresses.

There were three teams in particular who benefited from strong defensive play to

start the season. They are Illinois, Minnesota, and Tulane. Respectively they have

surrendered just 48,44, and 80 total points during the first six weeks. What drove

those numbers? Was it an easier schedule to start the season, or was it really strong

defensive play that may or may not continue? It is something to watch the next

couple of weeks. Can the Green Wave keep it going until 11/26 when they play at

UC? Tulane was 2-10 last year. What a story!

Sure Kansas and Syracuse are making headlines with their hot starts but is anyone

paying attention to UNLV or San Jose State? UNLV jumped from 90 to 50 and SJSU

jumped from 66 to 17. They both sit atop the MWC West standings and have a

chance to compete for a MWC Championship if they can keep it up. UNLV has three

road games to end the year with one special trip out to South Bend. SJSU has four

road games coming up with a big one this week at Fresno State.

Some big drops in team values include the likes of Houston (down to 70 from 11 to

start the season) who needed a miracle to overcome a large fourth quarter deficit in

Memphis this past week. The AAC may be out of their reach but can Dana keep them

together long enough amid his toughest coaching challenge yet?

What happened to San Diego State? They offered a great value in the MWC

previously ranked 43 but their play has dropped them down to 90 out of 106 teams

available. Can they bounce back? Are they a bargain to anyone looking to make a

jump back atop their Bandwagon standings?

Army was a top 30 team going into this season with what was deemed a favorable

schedule. Their early performance indicates a major drop off down to 81 and

possibly setting the program back a few years.

Yes most of the CFB royalty remain atop the rankings as the 1 percent fight for a

national championship. The true grit of CFB can be found in teams still fighting for a

chance to win their conference championship and play in a major bowl game. Who’s

Bandwagon will you be jumping on to end the season?

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