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Updated: Feb 19, 2021

With a 6-team league you have multiple options on approaching your draft. I’ll start with one team from each tier:


LAD, MIN, MIL, CLE, SFG, and DET = $21

I’ll be honest, I really don’t like this set up. Having three teams from the same division won’t hurt me but it won’t help either. It’s probably not smart to load LAD with SFG as well. But the thought process is that DET acts as an early season hedge to the MIN and CLE picks but in reality all the teams in the bottom tier are not ideal to choose from.

I would prefer to mix-n-match as follows:

TB, STL, HOU, LAA, SFG, and KC = $21

With this strategy I started from the bottom up to fill out my roster. I knew I did not want to touch any teams in that

bottom tier with a ten-foot pole so I loaded up on SFG and KC. This limits my options at the top but again keeps me away from that bottom tier. From there I think LAA offers great value in

the lower middle tier. Then moving up one tier to grab HOU could prove an excellent value. With the remaining portion of funds adding TB and STL offer great upside. TB remains a force to be reckoned with and a lot of young talent. STL added some high priced talent and always finds ways to add from within as a season progresses.

A high-risk high reward strategy I would not recommend might look like this:

LAD, NYY, LAA, BOS, SFG, and KC = $21

This makeup would look great if it was nearly a decade ago but it’s not. LAD and NYY will put up the numbers but can the rest of the teams keep up pace to balance off the huge gap? BOS is a total gamble here because I found I had nowhere else to turn and did not want anything to do with the bottom tier, again. Other teams are for reasons already stated. This is a dumb strategy and would not advise it.

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