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Updated: Feb 19, 2021

In a 5-team league we have multiple draft options, we can take one from each tier or mix-n-match:


For one team in each tier I like:

LAD, STL, WAS, CLE, and KC = $15

LAD can probably waltz their way to 100 wins while STL may fight to win the division. WAS could take advantage of any slow start by NYM and ATL for the NL East. CLE still has great starting pitching so I’m willing to gamble on them at that value. KC is a hedge on the CLE pick and again both play in a weaker division.

Another option is to mix-n-match your 5 teams:

MIN, STL, MIL, CLE, and SFG = $15

With this strategy I’m willing to give up some upside on the top tier teams to take three really strong teams and almost guarantee at least the division winner in the NL Central Division. A MIN-CLE play is almost an anti CWS play and hoping both can find their way into the AL playoff picture. Again with CLE pitching they could be dangerous, the only

question mark for them will be if they can generate enough offense. SFG is my sleeper pick with this strategy. Everyone is focused on LAD and SD but SFG has some youth there and could shock some people. Also, they still play against COL and ARI racking up some nice wins there. I could switch out MIL for WAS and feel good but it’s a tough call between the two.

A high-risk high reward strategy would be:

LAD, NYM, CLE, SFG, and KC = $15

With this strategy I’m banking a lot on CLE and SFG surprising most folks. Also assuming LAD and NYM can sustain any injuries or slow starts to keep up with top of the pack. SFG is same reasons as above but also a nice hedge to the LAD pick. If I’m wrong with the lower tier picks early I’m going to have to pivot quickly to maximize value of exchanging LAD and NYM and not falling too far behind early on.

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