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Week 3 Observations - College Football

For what most schools viewed as a total cupcake week (see: Alabama, Michigan,

Georgia, UK, Ok St, etc.) others decided to schedule some competitive games and we

are going to highlight a few of the under the radar games for Bandwagon:

First and foremost, my Syracuse (have been on their Bandwagon since before

season kicked off, see my draft preview taking them at $2) knocked off Big Ten

Purdue in arguably the best game all weekend. Taking the lead late was an

incredible finish to a great fourth quarter. They need to keep things rolling as they

host UVA on Friday night.

Tulane with a sneaky good win on the road in Manhattan, KS.

Who else had Kansas at 3-0? What a win at Houston, the odds on favorite to finish at

least second behind UC in the American conference.

My Maryland keeps rolling (see note from above about pre season draft preview)

with a nice win at home against SMU.

Northwestern Football, yikes. Just when you thought that maybe they would bounce

back this year after a great start they go and lose to Southern Illinois. I don’t know

what to think about this team.

Washington the darling pre season pick of even Phil Steele in 2021 has risen from

the land of the dead and torched MSU’s pass defense early and often this past week.

What a great win for that program and the fan base after a brutal 2021.

EMU brings MACtion to the desert. WHAT A ROAD WIN! EMU’s win was so

impressive that ASU had to fire Herm Edwards in the end zone after the game. They

didn’t even let him reach the locker room before cutting their losses. Herm should

bounce back no problem but the ASU program is in disarray.

Speaking of PAC-12 it was nice to see Oregon play a complete game over a tough

opponent in BYU. Should make for an interesting run to win the PAC-12 North.

Remember the exchanges are open anytime and team values update after week 6!

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