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Bandwagon Fantasy Sports® is a new twist to fantasy sports where users own sports teams, rather than players, and compete against others to accumulate points based on the real-world results of the teams they own.

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What is


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Download it on the App Store today!  Google Play coming soon.

Bandwagon Fantasy Sports® allows app users to create public and private leagues to compete against their friends or other members of the Bandwagon community. Each league is based on a particular sport with the league creator setting the parameters for their league (number of teams each participant can own, number of exchanges allowed during the season and the points distributed based on game results).


Teams within each sport are given an initial value based on their pre season expectations, with values constantly re-adjusting over the course of the season using our patent pending method based on a team's actual performance. This is where the strategy of owning the right teams at the right time of the season comes into play!


Just like in traditional fantasy sports leagues, users have the ability to make team exchanges over the course of the season to strategically own the teams they feel will produce favorable results and accumulate points for the user that owns them.


Invite your friends to jump on the Bandwagon and enjoy this easy new approach to fantasy sports!


This product is protected by U.S. Patent No. 11,273,382





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